100% Pure Oxygen!

The OXYGENATOR™ by O2 Marine

FSF Staff January 6, 2009


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The OXYGENATOR™ by O2 Marine uses a patented process to create 100% pure oxygen (nano-bubbles) from the water. The OXYGENATOR™ Pro Live Well Flush Mount BK3 is specially designed for saltwater applications and can be installed in about 20-minutes. Designed to be used in conjunction with the OXYGENATOR™ is the U2 Pro Formula. U2 Pro Formula treats water for chlorine, chloramines, removes ammonia and detoxifies nitrites. U2 Pro Formula also contains polymers that protect fish from infections and aids in healing. Both the OXYGENATOR™ and U2 Pro Formula are available at Bass Pro, Cabela’s and Gander Mountain. O2 Marine, 952.881.1330, www.KeepFishAlive.com

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