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Big Bay Technologies

FSF Staff September 30, 2010


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Big Bay Technologies

Big Bay Technologies specializes in developing high-performance, robust and affordable navigational products. They offer a complete line of computers, displays, navigation software integration, and all related peripheral components including radar, sounder, AIS, entertainment and Internet. By designing powerful, innovative and rugged components, the lifespan is greatly increased because upgrades are a matter of software updates. No need to replace the whole system, just upgrade the many software products to keep current with the latest technology. Big Bay’s Pilot House Package is a turnkey solution with highly impressive components at an unbelievable value. Including the latest Mini PC, 19” display, Coastal Explorer navigation software with all U.S. vector and raster charts, inverter, wireless mouse and GPS, you can get connected for only $3,495.00. State of the art components and excellent support separates Big Bay from its competition. Big Bay Technologies, 425.458.4321,

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