Albie Fly Fishing Report

November 4, and 5, 2014

Jake Jordan November 6, 2014

November, 4, 2014:
Today, Ed Matuzak, from Pittsburgh PA, fly fished for Albies with me for the first of his two day trip. I missed the last two days due to strong SW wind, and very rough seas. The forecast called for north wind at 5 to 15 knots with calm seas, as usual the forecast was wrong, the wind was south west at 15 to 20 with rough seas. That said, the east side of the shoal was calmer, the fishing was slow however there were some good Albies around on large baits, Ed caught several, and really enjoyed this awesome fishery.


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November, 5, 2014:
Today we left the dock at 7:00 Am and headed straight to the shoal, crossed over, it was much calmer. We found lots of birds with plenty of Bluefish and a few scattered Albies, seems that they were up and down and hard to get the fly to them. We did find several schools of Redfish, got on them and Eddie made a great cast, i saw a good 30-40 pounder eat his large white Half and Half fly. I asked him to tighten the drag, and unfortunately he tightened it WAY too much, that big red surged and broke the end of the 450 grain fly line, the fish was gone. By the time I re-tied a new leader, the drum had moved on, while 6 were caught by the other boats in the area.

Ed had to be at the New Bern airport by 4:00 PM so when I got a call from Joe Shute, telling me of big Albies just to the west of the shipping channel, I decided to run the 50 minutes back to those fish. We passed a herd of wild horses, took a picture, and kept going.

We arrived at the spot where Joe had located the Albies, he and Don Butler had the best of it, when Ed and I got there it was over, we never got a shot. I searched up and down the western beaches, and both sides of the buoy chain, felt like we kept arriving just after the bite ended. Ed is a great guy to spend time fly fishing with, he has already reserved 3 days for next season, I am sure he will do a little better on the next trip. Stay tuned for more fly fishing reports from Albie World, I love my job, Wish you were here!


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