American Eagle Reels Introduces New Fly Reels

FSF Staff July 5, 2017

Pembroke Pines, FL-  If you are a fly fisherman, now you can say you have seen everything. After 56 years of designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most iconic reels, finally there is one reel that solves many problems. The patented bi-directional, multi-line, multi use reels, by American Eagle Reels. Not only are they beautifully machined from solid, close grain aircraft aluminum, but they also have a medical grade titanium spool shaft and rulon bearings. Truly state of the art in every way.


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About Our Reels
Our reels are made and assembled by fly fisherman, for fly fisherman, 100% in the USA. All with a 100% lifetime warranty at an affordable price. Sized 4” EXW, and the huge 5” EXW reels are designed to be the only reel you will need for any type of fly fishing. Our 4” and 5” NRW reels are designed with the same multifunctional uses as the EXW reels with much lower inertia for extremely light lines and tippets.

We Didn’t Stop There
With one reel, you can change direction, with no tools, without the need to reline the reel, have many inexpensive spare spools so you can use many different lines and line weights.

About The Designers
Paul Conover has been designing and manufacturing reels since 1961. From the early Fin-Nor “Wedding Cakes” to the later Fin-Nor series of reels, founder of Old Florida, and designer of the first Nautilus reels, Paul has always had the user in mind with functionality, price, and the extreme attention to quality. Now, with a team of design engineers, the latest and greatest line of reels are available.


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