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Bill Blade Tools Offer Convenience At The Brim Of Your Hat

Ocean City, MD- Bill Blade, born out of a need for a tool to make life on the water easier, is a lightweight, manageable, high carbon stainless steel blade that can be installed on any hat or visor. Other tools including a bottle opener, gut hook, divot tool and release knife are also available.


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Created by partners Glen Odor and Will Corner in 2015, the American-made tool has become increasingly popular amongst the outdoors crowd.

“This product is an absolute time saver! From cutting bait to cutting 50 lb. monofilament at literally the tip of your hat… it doesn’t get any more convenient than that!” – Captain Brennen Nguyen, Rockport, TX.

Sold with a 90-day replacement warranty, the blades are coated in Cerakote to protect against rust. The product is available in black, white, navy blue and gray. Custom blade colors are available depending on order quantity.  

Customers may purchase self-install kits for use on personal hats, or custom visors and hats are available upon request depending on order quantity. The self-install kit allows the customer to install the Bill Blade in less than five minutes with just a Philips screwdriver and a pair of household scissors. The kit comes with a cutting guide, sheath top, sheath bottom, blade and screws.

For further information on the Bill Blade or to purchase, visit the company website at or call (410) 251-4502.

Bill Blade, born in 2015 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, offers a variety of tools and personalized hats. The company urges customers to practice caution when using the Bill Blade tools and recommends not reattaching the blade while wearing the hat.