Central Florida Lagoon Fishing

with Captain Tom Van Horn

John Kumiski June 3, 2016

Central Florida Lagoon Fishing Report (May 31 – June 3)

John Kumiski: I had gotten a report from a reliable source that the Banana River Lagoon was not dead, that the water had cleared somewhat, and the fish were biting. On Tuesday I went to check it out and see if I can catch some central Florida lagoon fishing action. In the cleanest place I found I could barely see my feet in knee-deep water. I saw a few small black drum and caught one on a black redfish worm, and got three small reds on the same fly, all sight fished in real shallow water. While that’s certainly better than “everything is dead”, it was not a terribly encouraging central Florida lagoon fishing.


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Photo: spottedtail.com © John Kumiski 2016

Wednesday Tom Van Horn and I went out of Port Canaveral. We didn’t find any bait, or any fish other than little tunny. We got ten or so tunny on Sting Silvers, and a single Spanish mackerel that apparently believed in integration. Good for it! We talked to a couple of other guides at the boat ramp who had a similar day.

Thursday I went kayaking on the Mosquito Lagoon for some central Florida lagoon fishing. The weather was very hot and sunny, with a light breeze until the afternoon, when it started honkin out of the east. The few fish I saw were very spooky. I managed one redfish on a black bunny leech.

Friday George Allen and I went out of the Port on a tunny hunt. We found them about three miles off the beach and got several on Sting Silvers. I pulled out a seven weight fly pole and got one on a bouncer bucktail streamer.

So central Florida lagoon fishing was not spectacular this week, and that is the early June central Florida lagoon fishing report from Spotted Tail.

There’s a very high probability that I will take a bye week next week- don’t expect a report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski
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