Deep Dwellers Beware!

Duralite Diamond

FSF Staff May 12, 2009


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Duralite Diamond

Lindgren-Pitman has been selling its line of compact strobe lights for over eight-years, haven proven effective for swordfish, grouper, snapper and tilefish. After many requests Lindgren-Pitman is now pleased to offer the Duralite Diamond in purple. Water activated and equipped with a 250-hour battery life, you can rely on the Duralite Diamond to bring home the bacon! Due to the solid construction these extremely effective strobes can be used to depths up to 3,000-feet! It’s no wonder why so many anglers rely on Lindgren-Pitman when it comes to plying the ultra-deep trenches, canyons and humps off Florida and beyond. Lindgren-Pitman Inc., 954.943.4243,

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