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Sailfish School Report, Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala December 10, 2014

Jake Jordan December 11, 2014

Greetings From Casa Vieja Lodge:

December 10, 2014: Today the seas were choppy, about 3 to 5 foot, with sunny skies and beautiful weather, fishing began to pick up from the last two days. There were four boats fishing out of Casa Vieja Lodge today, Danny Cline and I aboard “Intensity” with Captain Mike Sheeder, Fern Elfson and Bob Blair aboard “Makaira” with captain Jason Brice, Tim Ragen aboard “Rum Line” with Captain Chris Sheeder, and Nick Smith aboard his vessel “Old Reliable”, All boats are fly fishing for Billfish.

Bob and Fern aboard “Makaira” with captain Jason caught 3 sailfish on fly and lost a nice Blue Marlin on fly. Danny and I with captain Mike, aboard “Intensity” , hooked a double header of sailfish, mine was on for 5 minutes while we tried to catch Danny’s, his came un hooked, and then my sailfish came off at the same time. Later in the day, we raised two Blue Marlin, I hooked one, and got to within 5 foot of having it caught, when that 300# Blue Marlin took off and turned on the afterburners and broke the 20 pound tippet on its third gray hound jump, The other Blue Marlin which we raised never came to the boat.

Tim Ragen aboard “Rum Line”, on his first fly fishing for billfish trip to Casa Vieja Lodge, caught 3 sailfish on fly, fought a Stripped Marlin to within 3 foot of a release, and then Caught and released a 250 plus pound Blue Marlin on Fly, his first ever on fly! Congratulations to Tim and Chris.
Nick Smith, aboard his vessel “Old Reliable” with captain Chip Shafer, caught 3 Sailfish from 3 bites.

Fly fishing here is just getting good, Rum Line, Makaira, and Old Reliable have two more days of fly fishing left this week, unfortunately, Danny ad I must return to the cold USA today, we will be back here in paradise on January 4 of 2015. Thanks to David and Kristen Salazar, (owners of Casa Vieja Lodge) for operating this world class fly fishing destination. Stay tuned fro more reports, I love my job, wish you were here.


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