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FSF Staff November 29, 2010


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Have you ever worked in a dimly lit engine room or any area below deck and fumbled around because there wasn’t enough light? If so, you’re not in the proverbial boat alone. Fortunately, the innovative engineers at Lumitec have once again responded to boater’s requests for LED lighting that eclipses the performance, style and value of conventional light sources. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Lumitec’s latest offering provides a high output LED alternative to large, boxy fluorescent lights. The Nevis LED engine room floodlight is completely sealed, ignition protected, and small enough to mount anywhere. With a beam angle that approaches 180°, the powerful LEDs douse dimly lit areas with a wave of bright, even light. Like all of Lumitec’s first-class products the Nevis has undergone extensive thermal, electrical, mechanical, and salt-spray testing to ensure years of trouble-free use. Lumitec, 561.272.9840, lumiteclighting.com

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