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SeaScape Systems

FSF Staff April 2, 2010


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SeaScape Systems

Simply stated, SeaScape Systems is the premiere source of underwater fish lighting for docks, lakes, canals and seawalls. Whether you’re looking to increase your property’s on-the-water appeal, turn your dock into a fishing hot-spot, or transform the look of your waterfront business, SeaScape Systems offers a product of unrivaled quality coupled with customer service that’s second to none. Designed to attract multiple species of fish, SeaScape Lights will provide years of fun for the whole family! These revolutionary underwater lights have also been designed with the environment in mind. While most underwater light manufacturers utilize mercury vapor bulbs, SeaScape’s high kelvin compact fluorescent bulbs use 70% less energy than standard bulbs and contain only a fraction of mercury compared to typical incandescent bulbs. In addition, SeaScape makes installation a breeze with the only true plug-and-play underwater lighting system on the market. No bulky ballast boxes or additional wiring required! Visit their extensive website for more info on a lighting system to fit every need. SeaScape Systems, 727.322.1133,

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