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Krypto-Night dock light

FSF Staff September 9, 2009


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Krypto-Night dock light

New from Undersea Illumination comes the Krypto-Night dock light, an environmental experience that glows with the tide. Designed for commercial and residential use, Undersea Illumination’s dock lights are ideal for harbors, marinas, canals, seawalls and residential docks. Available in interchangeable blue, red, yellow and green color sequences, this underwater light is packed with fish-attracting power. Whether you are illuminating the water to create your very own food chain, or you simply can’t resist the tranquil aesthetic beauty of underwater dock lights, this is an experience you can’t miss. Be sure to check out Undersea Illumination at the Tampa Boat Show – Booth # R120. Undersea Illumination, 888.840.7060,

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