Capt. Dave Sipler July 30, 2014

Jacksonville Fishing Report: Had the Shannon Family aboard….for a 2 hour Kids trip. Lot’s of Croakers, a few Whiting, Catfish, and hookup on a Shark that ended up breaking off the whole rig.


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Photo: Capt. Dave Sipler

Then, off to a shrimp boat to see what was going on behind it.

B-I-R-D-S!!!!!! getting yanked under water by hundreds of Sharks frothing the water behind the shrimp boat as they dumped over some bycatch. We saw Sharks big and small and Dolphins big and small. A few really tiny baby Dolphins.

Awesome weather. Flat puffy clouds just offshore.
Another Fun, Educational, 2 Hr. KIDS trip!
Only from Capt Dave’s Sport Fishing.
aboard the KID friendly JETTYWOLF.

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