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Apex Lighting’s XIL Spreader Bars

FSF Staff June 7, 2010


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XIL Spreader Bars

Designed for the harsh marine environment, Apex Lighting’s XIL Spreader Bars were introduced with the goal of producing tremendous light output. The 12″ bar produces as much light as a 300W halogen light while drawing only 4 amps and boasting an astonishing 292,000-hour lifespan. Available in sizes ranging from 2″ to 42″ in length, each light bar is manufactured of stainless steel and aluminum for the ultimate in strength and durability. Measuring in at less than 3″ tall and 4″ deep, these super-bright LEDs are perfect for mounting in tight spaces where traditional lights would never fit. Each light comes standard with flat surface/tube mounts and rubber shock isolators. Installation is a breeze, as each mount slides along the lower extrusion to match any existing mounting holes, allowing for both horizontal and vertical adjustment. Anodized billet aluminum tube mounts are also available but sold separately. XIL Spreader Bars are available in black, white and chrome with prices starting at $119.95. We’ve recently outfitted Florida Sport Fishing’s 37 Strike with these lights, and we couldn’t be happier! Apex Lighting, Inc., 954.421.3267, www.yachtlights.com

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