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Introducing the first-of-it’s-kind stainless
steel reel seat

FSF Staff May 13, 2009


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Stainless Steel Reel Seat

Altenkirch Precision Outfitters has been a supplier of custom fishing rods and tackle to the sportfishing industry for over 80-years. In their tradition of providing innovation to the industry, Altenkirch introduces the first-of-it’s-kind stainless steel reel seat. This is hands down the strongest reel seat ever made and the design incorporates a precision-machined stainless steel body with hoods and nuts milled from solid bearing bronze alloy. Combine a stainless steel reel seat with an Altenkirch world-class 50, 80, 130, or unlimited class rod and you have the most reliable, high-performance fishing rod in the world! Altenkirch, 631.728.4110,

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