Quick Cleat: No Knots

Easy Way to Secure Dock Lines, Anchor Lines

FSF Staff November 27, 2015

Quick Cleat is the fast, easy way to secure dock lines, anchor lines, mooring lines and fenders – without knots. The unique, durable, low-profile design quickly secures a line in seconds. Just drop a line into the rope slot and release. Easy to install on board or on the dock. Available in three sizes: 2″ (max. 1/4″ line); 3″ (max. 3/8″ line) and 4″ (max. 1/2″ line). MSRP from US $12.95.

More product info: quick-cleat.com or in the US call 1.800.975.3809.

Quick Cleat LLC

– 1175 Gershwin Avenue North – Saint Paul, MN 55128 USA

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