• Roasted Caribbean Hogfish

    Serve With Your Favorite Side

  • Thai Tuna Cakes

    A New Twist For Fish Cakes

  • Seafood Slam

    A Savory Stew For Any Season

  • Mediterranean Mutton

    Captain's Kitchen

  • Braised Swordfish

    with Drunken Clams

  • Grilled Dolphin Sandwiches

    with Puttanesca Salsa

  • Shrimp & Scallop Ceviche

    This recipe is easy and delicious. Fresh ceviche requires no cooking and is a perfect treat to beat the summer heat.

  • Tuna Tacos

    A Quick and Easy Summertime Delight

  • Seared Drum With Fried Avocado

    Served with Lentil Slaw

  • Spicy Snapper Stew

    Comfort Food with a Kick