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Aqua Design’s SunGuard Tubes

FSF Staff May 7, 2012


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SunGuard Tubes

Offering a proven line of defense, Aqua Design’s SunGuard Tubes provide maximum-rated UPF 50+ to protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Featuring proprietary water inspired camouflage print that’s developed from detailed photographs, SunGuard Tubes are available in Aqua Sky, Green Bayou, Pacific Sand and Misty Sky. Designed with colorfast colors to extend the life of vivid camo print, the breathable moisture management fabric offers incredible comfort during the most humid and unbearable conditions. Since one size doesn’t fit all, Aqua Design SunGuard Tubes are available in three sizes. An essential accessory for anglers around the state, get yours today for only $19.95. Aqua Design,

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