Suzuki Introduces DF350A 350HP V6 4-Stroke Outboard

FSF Staff June 14, 2017

Boca Raton, FL – Suzuki Marine, a leader in 4-stroke outboard technology and performance, is proud to introduce its newest model, the DF350A. At 350 horsepower, this V6 4-stroke is the largest, most powerful outboard Suzuki has built to date. In development for more than three years, it represents a significant milestone in both engineering and design.


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Suzuki DF350A

“We took the time and effort to build a powerful new outboard that really matches the trend towards bigger boats,” said Gus Blakely, Vice President of Marine Sales for Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. “Whether you’re talking 40-50 foot center consoles or even the new breed of runabouts, deck boats and cruisers, Suzuki can now deliver the power, performance and ease of use boat builders and their customers are asking for.”

350 Horsepower And A 12.0:1 Compression Ratio
Suzuki engineers achieved 350 horsepower while still designing a compact, lightweight powerhead. The robust engine displacement of 4.4 liters is matched by a high-performance 12.0:1 compression ratio, the highest ever for a production outboard engine. A unique combination of cool air intake, dual fuel injectors and a strengthening of the pistons has virtually eliminated engine knock, a typical by-product of high compression engines.

Suzuki Dual Louver System, Direct Air Intake 
Suzuki engineers have designed an air intake system that allows the engine to draw in ample fresh air, while separating out water, spray and moisture. Dual louvers under the hood trap larger water droplets and then moisture as it enters the engine cowling, resulting in zero water intake during testing. In addition, intake air temperatures are, on average, 10º cooler than ambient, providing the combustion chamber with cooler, denser air for a more powerful cycle.

Dual Injectors
Two, smaller fuel injectors allow for precise injection of fuel to the center of the combustion chamber, which avoids off-center combustion – a major cause of knocking. In addition, because 100% of the fuel is injected into the cylinder at once, a degree of cooling is also obtained, providing up to 3% additional power without causing knocking.

Advanced Piston Technology
To achieve 350 horsepower, the surface of the piston needs to withstand added forces. In order to assure both performance and long life, Suzuki engineers switched from a standard heat treatment to “shot peening.” Shot peening, a more expensive process, creates fine dimples in the face of the piston that evenly distribute the pressure created during combustion. In addition, the connecting rods and hardware have been strengthened to handle the added loads.

Suzuki Dual Prop System
While contra-rotating propellers are not a new technology, they have never been successfully used on 4-stroke outboard motors until now. The DF350A’s dual propellers provide three key benefits – compact size, increased stability and greater “traction

By distributing the power of the engine over six blades, instead of just three, the size of the gears and gearcase could be kept to a minimum, which in turn allowed for the design of sleeker, more hydrodynamic gearcase. Suzuki engineers spent many hours in computer simulation and on the water, knowing that reducing drag underwater would be essential to improving overall boat speed and performance.

Contra-rotating propellers also provide added surface area, for more stability and increased “traction” or grip underwater. (Think of the wide slicks on a drag racer as compared to typical tires.) This results in exceptional acceleration, or hole-shot, truer directional propulsion (eliminating steering torque), better than expected top speeds and incredible reverse thrust. Importantly, these benefits are apparent even on heavier boats with full loads of fuel, gear and people.

Proven Suzuki Technology
“You can see that our 350A incorporates a lot of innovative new technology, but we’ve been able to utilize the best of our proven 4-stroke technology, as well,” added Blakely. “When we say ‘Ultimate 4-stroke’ we mean it in every way – performance, reliability, dependability, even superior fuel economy.”

The DF350A features Suzuki Precision Control, drive-by-wire throttle and shift controls. Skippers will appreciate smooth shifting, precision control of the throttle, not to mention easier rigging, especially when second stations are involved.

Like Suzuki’s other V6 outboards, the DF350A features Suzuki’s offset driveshaft engine layout, which allows for a more compact outboard and two-stage gear reduction. Two-stage gear reduction provides a larger reduction gear ratio (2.29:1) and more torque for quick acceleration, and improvements in top speed, as well. (It is worth noting that the DF350A can be mounted 27-inches on center, so it will fit on more transoms, and take up less space in twin, triple and quad installations.)

The DF350A also takes advantage of Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control Technology, for improved fuel economy throughout the entire rpm range, and especially at cruising speed. Like all Suzuki 4-stroke outboards, the DF350A is extraordinarily quiet at idle.

As you can see, the development of this new outboard has been driven by Suzuki’s belief that it is important to provide the market with more than just horsepower. While power and speed are critical factors, the added dimensions of efficiency, reliability and stability make the DF350A the Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard.

“Suzuki is committed to providing all of our customers with the ‘ultimate’ experience on the water,” said Blakely. “This new 350 horsepower outboard has a few tricks up its sleeve, and it’s ready to take on all comers. If you’re looking for the best, you don’t have to look any further than Suzuki.”

The DF350A will be available in the US starting in July, 2017. For more information on Suzuki’s new DF350A or their full line of 4-stroke outboard motors, now from 2.5 to 350 horsepower, please visit

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