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Max Bait Tray’s stackable aluminum trays

FSF Staff May 7, 2010


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Max Bait Tray’s stackable aluminum trays

Searching for a way to carry a full day’s worth of trolling baits without sacrificing valuable space? Max Bait Tray’s stackable aluminum trays are different than your typical bait trays and preserve precious rigged baits while keeping them readily available for quick and easy access. Featuring large, flat handles that conduct cold from ice in the bottom of the cooler, each tray is made of heavy-duty .080″ gauge powder-coated aluminum. As anglers get through the baits in the top tray, all they’ve got to do is rotate it to the bottom of the stack, keeping the remaining baits elevated and away from bait-destroying freshwater. Max Bait Tray Systems are a serious tool for serious blue water anglers. Max Bait Tray System, 919.794.3338, www.maxbait.com

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