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Poly-Planar’s waterproof stereo receiver, the MRD80

FSF Staff February 3, 2011


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the MRD80

Weekends will be a little louder with Poly-Planar’s waterproof stereo receiver, the MRD80. Designed solely for the harsh marine environment, the MRD80 is the perfect centerpiece for any marine audio system. This power-packed unit is capable of pumping out 45W per channel across four separate channels, while rocking the boat with multiple input sources. A large, backlit LCD offers full interactivity with customizable settings. A waterproof, flip-down faceplate provides access to an integrated CD player (MRD80), SD card reader or iPod dock (MRD80i). While the unit can be flush-mounted, the optional gimbal eliminates the need for additional mounting boxes. Both models offer a two-year factory warranty with the MRD80 retailing for $399.99 and MRD80i for $349.99. Poly-Planar, 410.761.4000, polyplanar.com

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