Tired of the Pounding and Fatigue of a Rough Ride?

OCEAN-TAMER beanbags

FSF Staff January 9, 2009


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OCEAN-TAMER beanbags

Do you hate slowing down or getting bounced around in less than ideal ocean conditions? Have you ever cancelled a fishing trip because of rough seas? Now, with OCEAN-TAMER marine grade beanbags, you don’t have to take it anymore. Let’s face it; most of today’s boats are built for speed, not comfort. Whether you enjoy offshore fishing or just cruising with family and friends, OCEAN-TAMER can make your ride more enjoyable. OCEAN-TAMER beanbags not only absorb the shock and pounding of rough seas, they virtually eliminate back discomfort and neck pain. Every OCEAN-TAMER is custom made in the USA with quality marine grade products. OCEAN-TAMER beanbags are also waterproof, UV and mildew resistant. OCEAN-TAMER, 941.776.1133, www.Ocean-Tamer.com

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