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ChaseN’Tailz KDW Fishing Tournament

1St Annual ChaseN’Tailz KDW Fishing Tournament in memory of our 10 month old son Chase Warren who passed away last year from Gaucher Type 2. There is no treatment or cure and fatal usually by age 2. We are spreading awareness and money for research for Gaucher Type 2 as well as 16 other fatal childhood diseases.


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September 11th Guanabanas Restaurant will host the Captains Meeting and Awards Ceremony September 13th. We will be advertising our sponsor’s via Facebook, Website, Banners and Promotion at both the Captains Meeting and Awards ceremony.

Gaucher Type 2 is a rare genetic disorder that is present in approximately 1 in 100,000 live births. It occurs when a certain lipid, glucosylceramide, accumulates in the bone marrow, lungs, central nervous system, spleen, live and brain. Symptoms include: severe brain damage, difficulty breathing, swallowing, loss of muscle control, vision & hearing loss, bone abnormalities and death. Gaucher has now been linked to Parkinsons disease as well.

All Proceeds are donated to National Gaucher Foundation, non for profit organization dedicated to research, outreach and innovative thinking. For more information please visit:

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Jay & Summer Warren
Parents to an Angel