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2 Brand-New Bubba Blades Now Available!

9 Inch Serrated Fillet Knife

How do you make a Bubba Blade meaner? You give it teeth of course!

We wanted to make sure our next knife was a kick-ass blade worthy of the Bubba Blade name, so we asked our pro-staff what they wanted to see in our next knife. They asked for an offset blade with serration to grab onto the meat before beginning a cut, a flexible blade to skin and remove ribs easily, and a power-point tip to penetrate scales and begin a cut with ease. We listened, designed, and tested countless prototype blades until we finally found the perfect combination of serration and flex that they were asking for.


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A lot of thought has gone into our newest design, we are sure you will love this blade just as much as we do. Go to or visit a local authorized Bubba Blade dealer to get yours today! This is a blade truly deserving of the Bubba Blade name.

9 Inch Serrated Fillet Knife now available, click here.

The Shorty

The all-new Bubba Blade even your Ma needs!

This blade was inspired by Mrs Grass, our founder’s mother. She told her son she desperately needed a blade that she could use everyday in the kitchen, and so The Shorty was born. This mini chef’s knife has a shortened 5 inch handle, paired with a 4 inch blade for a comfortable compact size. The blade is offset so you can utilize every inch of the micro-serrated edge, which slices through delicate fruits, meats and breads with ease. The same non-stick coated steel made for our fillet knives is found on the Shorty.Proven to stand up to the tough saltwater environment, this blade will hold up to all the abuse a kitchen or a deck can hand out. From cutting bait to slicing steaks, the Shorty can handle it all. The Shorty is also doctor recommended and perfect for those with arthritis or weak grip thanks to the super comfortable and safe no-slip grip handle.

This Bubba Blade has been a life changer for Mrs Grass, so what are you waiting for? Get Ma a Bubba Blade of her own today!

The Shorty now available, click here.

Our good friend Tommy Gomes at Catalina Offshore has a new favorite knife! Watch him put it to the test here.

Watch Mrs. Grass review the Shorty here!

The Shorty and 9 Inch Serrated Flex now available! Get Yours Here!


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