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2014 Treasure Trove Tournament Wrap Up

​We will leave you alone for the next ​9​ or 1​0​ months, but we have to wrap this thing up and thank everyone that helped.


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Photo: Phil Dunn

First, some stats:

  • 27 boats​ (a new record)​
  • ​hundreds of pounds of innocent fish blackened, broiled & fried
  • ​over​ 3 cases of Tito’s Vodka consumed
  • ​over $5000 in prizes handed out
  • Catfish didn’t yell “Fuck” into the microphone till 6:18 pm (also a new record)
  • Monster & Carrie-Ann got paid
  • 110 t-shirts given out
  • $2615 raised for the Foundation Fighting Blindness

Top Team: Monster
Top Captain: Lige
– ​the Tiger Woods of the IWFTT Tourney ​ (insert joke here)​
Top Angler: Chris Altman on Monster
Top Lady Angler: Michelle Heiser on Irish Wake
Top Junior Angler: Junior Roberts on Fishizzle​​
Captain Contrarian: Nikki Antonelli on her paddleboard
Top Kingfish: Chris Altman on Monster
Top Dolphin: Wes Parker on Fishizzle
Top Snapper: Chance Brennan on Miss Britt

This is a FREE tournament so it doesn’t happen without help from our sponsors. Catfish deserves a lot of credit here. He’s the one that rounds up 90% of these prizes. So, support these guys. Buy their CDs. Eat at their restaurants. Drink at their bars. Wear their glasses & jewelry. Dance with their women:

  • Catfish Hunter Music
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • Tito’s Vodka
  • Rudd & Diamond, PA
  • Dennis Friel Art Studios
  • Hooked Up Jewelry
  • Moonlight Picture Framing
  • Red Bull
  • Dolphin Buddy accessory cases
  • The Duck Tavern
  • Kelly’s Landing
  • Aruba Beach Café
  • The Village Pump
  • The Nauti Dawg
  • Coconuts
  • Bahia Cabana
  • Southport Raw Bar
  • Shuck n Dive
  • Roffer’s Ocean Forecasts
  • Gold Coast Graphics
  • Vitos Pizza
  • Bait Stealer Fishing Charters–Capt. Dale Bittner
  • Bart Cleri – Gibraltar Private Banking, Lending Specialist

We could still use some help…every year, the one thing we are lacking is pictures. Please send us some good ones. Especially ones from the tournament. Send by email ( or text (754-245-6062).

Next year’s tournament is scheduled for July 18, 2015. Warn your wife, tell your boss, schedule your tournament a different day. Please email us if you hear of something major taking place that day but, as far as we can tell, there is certainly nothing better scheduled that day. Also, please send in any suggestions for ways to improve that don’t involve increasing the work load – Cuz we like the fact that we don’t do much and this thing still turns out to be awesome.

Contact Info:
Phil Dunn
Internationally World Famous Treasure Trove Fishing Tournament
Twitter: @IWFTT