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Affordable Charter Fishing

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla — It’s a special thing, chartering a private sport-fishing boat. Researching boats and captains, deciding what you wish to catch…the whole process is sure to elicit excitement and anticipation for even the most experienced anglers. It’s something that we save for, plan for, and dream about.


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Meet, the world’s first pay-per-spot charter concierge service. Using this unique service, you can now hook up with the best charter boats, in the best fishing spots around the world- and you can do it without worrying if you can find enough people without having to spend the kids’ college fund to make it happen. In fact, for the first time ever, you will actually have your trip cost decrease as the charter fills up.

From Cabo to The Carolinas, Key West to Cape Cod, Share A Fishing Charter has partnered with licensed, fully insured Captains in the business and it promises to reinvent the way you charter fishing trips, offering you an opportunity to meet new friends and experience fishing trips previously out of reach due to cost or availability.

Simply choose where you would like to fish and a list of available boats and charter options will be presented. When other individuals book the same charter, you will be rewarded with a progressively cheaper fare and a confirmed charter. You can book months in advance, or book at the last minute, and take that “spur of the moment” trip we all dream about. They will also gladly work with you to book custom trips if you have a “bucket list” of species you wish to catch.

Check out the policies and procedures at and see what the future of charter boat sportfishing looks like. At the end of the day you will save money, meet a great group of people, and best of all experience the thrill of fishing on a private charter fishing boat. What’s not to love?

Remember: Life is Better when you Fish!

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