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Albie Fly

My friend Danny Cline from WV comes down to Cape Lookout every year at this time to fish with me for Albies, we usually both fish as anglers with Captain Brian Horsley for a couple of days and then Danny fishes with me as his captain for a few days. On Sunday Danny’s car was hit while he was in a restaurant with his family, so he is a day or two late getting here, (more fish for me, GRIN) so I showed up as a single angler to fish with Brian aboard Flat Out today.


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We hit the water at 7:30, Brian put me on blitzing Albacore at 8:00, and I caught my first within 2 minutes after we arrived. Game on, we had good fishing in beautiful calm seas with clear skies and 72 degree water temperature. We caught a handful of Albies which were fat 8 to 12 pound fish and then it slowed for us.

We decided to head offshore to a spot where we heard that the Kingfish were biting, my friend John Langdon was fishing with Captain Joe Shute, they also headed out to the same area. Seas were dead calm, the Kingfish were where we thought that they would be, here is the results, Kingfish on fly!

As usual I had a great day of being a fly angler, having fun with my buddy captain Brian Horsley. I must tell you that the fishing was awesome in shore all day yesterday, there were many (BIG) 20 pound class Albies caught by several boats, Chuck Laughridge commented to me that he caught 5 Albies with a combined weight of over 100 pounds! Also Sarah and her team got into the big Redfish, What an awesome day of fly fishing here in eastern NC. Can’t wait to get out with Brian again today, more reports tomorrow. I love my job, wish you were here.

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