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Arctic Ice Launches New Brand Identity and Website

Arctic Ice, makers of durable, high-performance cooler packs is pleased to announce the launch of their new brand identity and website.  Among the changes will be the Arctic Ice logo, product labels, and tagline (“No Hassle. No Mess. Colder than the rest.”).


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“We’re very excited about our new look as well as the new website,” commented Jay Bender, member of the Arctic Ice ownership group.  “We’re a company that was founded by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to create a cooler pack that could outperform regular ice as well as the competition.  In doing so, we found that our products have a very broad appeal that includes anyone who wants to keep their cooler at its optimal temperature. We think this new brand identity and website will further help us reach those individuals as well as attract new consumers.”

The entire brand identity stems from the new Arctic Ice logo which is modern yet keeps with the company’s founding iconography and color palette.  Consumers will also find the new website to be more user-friendly and intuitive as it puts more of the focus on the products and their versatility.

Go to to see the new changes and to learn more about the entire line of Arctic Ice products.

Arctic Ice produces the most durable, high-quality, and high-performance cooler packs on the market.  Arctic Ice offers three distinct lines of cooler packs, including the Alaskan Series, Chillin’ Brew, and Tundra Series.  Each line has unique freezing points which are suitable for a wide range of cooling needs. The Alaskan Series freezes at a higher temperature (33.8°F) and keeps items cold for daily use.  The Chillin’ Brew freezes at 28.4°F and is great for keeping beer and other items colder than ice. The Tundra Series freezes at a frigid 5°F and is optimal to use for storing or shipping frozen goods, meat, and anything requiring the coldest conditions.  All three lines offer unsurpassed performance and quality.

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