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Is it “Cheating” if a Biologist Packs Your Fly Box?

Denver, CO- “What are they biting on?” has been the question on every angler’s lips since the inception of fishing, and is the one that Ascent Fly Fishing has risen to answer for the freshwater angler once and for all.


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Founded in 2013 by Aquatic Biologist Peter Stitcher, the team at Ascent Fly Fishing proudly embrace their status as bug geeks and fly fishing nerds.  Armed with more than 400,000 flies and a database of the aquatic insects living in every major lake and waterway across the US, they don’t have to guess what the fish are eating, they know.  Ascent specializes in the creation of Biologist Crafted Fly Selections.  Simply tell them the region and waters you plan to fish, the date or seasons you will be on the water, your skill level and budget, and they will match down to the life cycle and the fly what the fish will be eating on your water.  Organizing their selections according to the patterns seen in nature, every loaded fly box that leaves their shop is laid out by the family of insect and their life cycles, allowing the angler to stay ahead of the feeding fish just by running their finger across a row in their box.  “We’re a ‘no secrets’ fly shop.  You tell us when you are fishing freshwater or what species of fish you’d like to catch and we’ll point out the best spots and the exact flies to use,” Peter tells every client that comes into their shop.

So the next time you find yourself heading to trout country and want to beat the fish at their own game,  let the crew at Ascent Fly Fishing flex their brains and hook you up with the right bugs for your water.

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