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Atlastrax Recovers Stolen Jupiter 38 Boat

Bimini, Bahamas – Atlastrax / Seatrax tracks and recovers 38 Jupiter stolen from Bimini 4 am arriving in Freeport 6:40 am while on the phone with customer.


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Atlastrax USA, a woman owned local business owned by Carolyn Stash, is located in Deerfield Beach Florida, and sells and distributes Seatrax Satellite GPS tracking system worldwide. An avid boater and fisherman she saw a need for GPS asset tracking and started AtlasTrax USA to make sure all people have an affordable way to track their boat for theft and also for personal float plans and safety if a family member is overdue on a trip. They can log on our system to see the location of the boat, jet ski etc..

On July 30 2016 with the help of our customer and information Atlastrax USA tracked and help recover a boat valued over $ 400,000 with Seatrax GPS Tracking system. President Carolyn Stash got a wakeup call at 5 am from her customer who arrived in South Bimini the day before. They had just bought a new 38 Jupiter from KMC Marine, Lighthouse Point, a 28 year old family business that sells and service new and used boats and had it equipped with our Seatrax GPS tracker. Insurance for this boat was provided by Ron Bradley Agency in Pompano Beach FL

Carolyn said she was told by one of the guest on board that they arrived into Bimini on Friday July 29 at 9:30am and cleared Bahamian Customs on their first trip with their new boat. They secured their dock slip located on a face dock with plenty of foot traffic, they check on the boat at 10 pm and all was okay. Our customer was woken by his text message at 4:11am that this boat was moving and ran to the docks where it was gone. At 5:11 he called Carolyn at AtlasTrax and together they both continued tracking the 38 Jupiter for 74 miles as it moved between the islands at high rate of speed, at time up to 52 MPH. The boat was apprehended at 6:40 am

All the time, the thieves had no idea they were being tracked live by Atlastrax and our Seatraxtm GPS tracker and that the Seatraxtm tracker, fully portable, was right under their noses. The thieves were headed to a remote canal east of the main port area. Carolyn was determined to get this boat back as it arrived into Freeport, was on the phone with our customer and Bahamian law enforcement from Bimini and Freeport Harbor Patrol during the theft and recovery effort and while the boat moving between islands. Carolyn was on the phone with our customer when the Freeport Harbor Patrol spotted the Jupiter arriving into an abandoned canal.

During all of this the customer was trying to find a flight from Bimini to Freeport to recover the boat and asked Carolyn to call ahead to the Ron Bradley Agency and let them know about the theft which Carolyn was happy to do.

What happens next is still not yet 100% clear but it is reported that when the 3 thieves were intercepted by Freeport Harbor Patrol they jumped off the boat while it was still underway in the canal system. The boat continued running into the seawall sustaining enough damaged, that while it remained floating as it was begin processed for the investigation, the best course was to remove the 38 Jupiter from the water for repairs to be determined. No word on if the 3 thieves were caught.

Seatraxtm is fully portable, requires no hardwiring and 0 installation time, meets insurance requirements and immediately activated everyone needs a GPS tracker on board. Not only for theft recovery Seatrax also lets customer self-track their family members for safety to make sure everyone arrives safely at their destination and always make it home

Please call Carolyn – Atlastrax 954-465-3743