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Awlgrip Awlwood Exterior Clear System

Containing a unique patented resin technology, Awlgrip Awlwood offers outstanding performance and retains the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as when first applied. The cost-effective above the waterline solution is now also available in Satin Matt.


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The primer incorporates Flex-Link™ technology to lock directly onto the wood structure, even on tropical hardwoods. This results in superior flexibility and provides the perfect base for the finish. The superior system lasts up to four times longer compared to traditional varnishes.

Other key benefits include:

• Reduced work-cycle time – high building, fast-curing formulation allows multiple applications per day.

• Excellent application properties – applicable over a wide temperature and humidity range using a variety of methods.

• Outstanding performance – remains highly flexible throughout its lifetime allowing natural substrate movement while giving excellent toughness and abrasion resistance.

• True system performance – primer and finish give a synergistic effect resulting in extended performance and durability.

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