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Balloon Fisher King Introduces Night Fisher

Wilmington, N.C. — Balloon Fisher King has introduced Night Fisher, a first-of-its-kind fishing tackle item for night time balloon fishing. Night Fisher provides an all-in-one kit which includes Balloon Fisher King balloon clips that attach and remove a balloon to fishing line in just seconds and provide adjustable, precise bait depth control, along with glow sticks and bright colored balloons for improved bait spotting and strike monitoring when fishing at night or during early morning hours.


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“I worked a large number of trade and consumer shows for the Balloon Fisher King launch over the past year and received a lot of feedback and requests for a night balloon fishing kit”, says Jon Bos, inventor of the Balloon Fisher King balloon clip and marketer of Night Fisher. “A lot of anglers fish at night when certain species naturally feed more actively, so the bite can significantly improve utilizing live or dead bait suspension at desired depths during night or pre-dawn hours. Anglers can now add Night Fisher to their arsenal when night fishing for saltwater fish species such as shark, swordfish, tuna, tarpon, striped bass and snook, along with freshwater species like catfish, largemouth bass or striper and hybrid bass. There was a situational, niche market that asked for it, so we delivered.”

Night Fisher is available in 2 new Pro Pack sizes. The Pro Pack with 11” balloons includes 5 balloon clips, ten (10) 11” balloons and ten (10) 3” glow sticks. The Pro Pack with 5” balloons includes 5 balloon clips, 10 5” balloons and 10 1.5” glow sticks. Night Fisher is also available in 11” and 5” Refill Packs which include 10 balloons and 10 glow sticks. The 5” balloons are recommended for bait size 2 lbs. and under, while the 11” balloons are recommended for bait size 2 lbs. and up.

The Balloon Clips can be used for freshwater and saltwater and are rated for a line diameter of 20-lb. monofilament and higher or 30 lb. braided line and higher. Balloon Fisher King also uses only high quality, 100% natural latex, biodegradable balloons. “We don’t mess around with cheap, synthetic latex balloons”, stated Jon Bos. “We only use high quality, biodegradable latex balloons made here in the US.” Once activated, the glow sticks will last from 6 to 8 hours. The glow stick tube ingredients are also non-toxic.

About Balloon Fisher King
Balloon Fisher King and Night Fisher products are manufactured and marketed by MZL Creations, Inc. which is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products that provide convenience and efficiency to fishing with balloons. The Balloon Fisher King Balloon Clip is patent-pending. Balloon Fisher King is 100% Made in the USA. For more information, please visit


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