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Battlewagon Bucket®

It’s just a bucket right?

Well not exactly. If you’ve ever spent long days aboard any vessel you know that lugging buckets of water, Ice, chum, bait or fish is going wear on you. The wire handle digs into your hand; it’s slippery, rusts and can scratch the boats finish. That’s why most hardcore fisherman use rope handled buckets onboard.


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The Battlewagon Bucket® is a superior Boat or Fishing bucket. We use high quality and massive 5/8” diameter line for the handle to ensure a comfortable grip in all conditions…wet, slimy or cold. Our patented Stainless Steel Transition Hooks allow the rope handle to be connected to the bucket with no modifications. No holes, knots or washers to let go or crack the bucket. Some of our Customers get 3 and 4 years of continuous use and then put the handle on a new bucket. That’s value! The Battlewagon Bucket is the perfect platform for vessel names, logos or Tournament labels.

Battlewagon Buckets® are a prefect Captain’s bag for Tournaments and other sponsored events. With a variety of color and handle options they are easily customized with your tournament or sponsor logos. Inshore or back country tournament? Check out our 3.5 gallon Coastal bucket, they are perfect for smaller boats.

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