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Hubbard’s Marina Johns Pass Fishing

Inshore– Chris Mulvey, a St. Petersburg local, and his family were fishing from the north jetty of Johns pass this past week. They reported catching some beautiful doormat flounder by using dead shrimp threaded on jig heads. They would then drag these jigs slowly along the sandy bottom while popping them occasionally. Mr. Mulvey reported great success with this technique and his son also caught a few sheepshead this way as well! Don’s Dock reports the redfish and snook are still biting but have become pickier only feeding at premium times when the water is moving. They are hanging tight to the structure and love the live pinfish and grunts.


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Near shore– The half day fishing trips are starting to hit the hogfish hard again! Today’s five hour boat came back in with over a half dozen beautiful hogfish. We also caught a few keeper scamp and mangrove snapper as well. The kingfish and mackerel have nearly disappeared from the near shore waters due to the strong cold fronts, but they are still around in the offshore waters. The gags were hot following the last cold front, and we look forward to more great fishing before the close December 4th at 12:01am.

Offshore– We had a special after thanksgiving 54 hour private charter with 15 anglers aboard our Florida fisherman catamaran party boat. These guys nearly limited out on their mangrove snapper, and they had some monsters. The largest mangrove was nearly 7lbs! We also had lots of big scamp come into the box and we had nearly had 35 of them. The gags were being difficult and the plentiful amberjack didn’t make it any easier since they grab up all the live baits before we can get them to the gags at the bottom. We also had over a hundred porgies with a dozen or so being 5lbs or more.

Captain Jack’s dolphin corner

The cooler weather has started the mullet spawn in our local area. This means huge schools of mullet are pouring from the back bays out into the near shore waters along the beaches to spawn in the deep water. This process is the dolphin equivalent to our thanksgiving! The local dolphin pods join together in large herds to bust through the monster schools of mullet to make manageable balls of fish for the dolphins to gorge themselves on.

Inshore the juvenile dolphins that were born in the late summer are now being taught to hunt. The older more experienced dolphins show them how to race down the seawalls and doge pilings while hunting down the large game fish like redfish and snook. Once the mature dolphins catch prey they will take it out into the bay and play ‘catch’ with their food to help teach the younger dolphins how to hunt and catch prey. After a few tosses the fish will slow and it makes it easier for the juveniles to target them. The first couple tosses the mature dolphins have to ensure the babies don’t let the new bounty escape.

These two beautiful natural shows are very rare to spot, but this time of year they are more likely! Hope you can join us for a Dolphin watching nature cruise and Eco tour sometime soon to experience one of these unique life experiences that you won’t soon forget!

Remember us talking about the beautiful large white pelicans that are in town for the winter? We finally got a photo of a group of them check this out:

Upcoming up at Hubbard’s Marina

We only have one more 39 hour overnight fishing trip this year! The last 39 hour trip for 2014 will happen on Friday December 19th. Gags will be closed during this trip, but we still have mangrove snapper, porgies, vermillion, scamp, strawberries and many other fish to go after, plus the crowds are gone!

Want to try a specialty trip in 2015? Our specialty trip schedule will be posted to our website by the second week of December. When this happens, then you will be able to book any of our 12 hour night trips, 12 hour day trips, 39 hours, 44 hour full moon snapper trips, or 63 hour deep drop/pelagic trips! To see the 2014 specialty schedule, or to see where the 2015 schedule will be posted simply visit the specialty trips section of our website and then click Specialty trips schedule the green button on the top right hand side! Also, make sure all your fishing buddies are signed up for this weekly email so all your friends will hear about our specialty trips as well! You also have the option to forward this message to friends to ensure no one misses out on the important announcements.

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Hubbard’s marina is excited to announce we plan to offer some unique kayaking trips next year. We want to offer nature cruises, sightseeing, meditation, and island trips all from kayak and paddle boards with our experienced guides. Would you enjoy something like this? Give our kayak rentals a call to inquire about information and bookings. We can always schedule you privately or you can wait till a regularly scheduled trip!

We also have TWO offshore kayak trips coming up spring 2015! Think you could handle kayak fishing in 100 plus foot of water?

Reservations become imperative this time of year! If you do not have a reservation we cannot forecast our trips appropriately and we may end up canceling a trip you plan to do if you do not make your reservations. Also, once you have reservations if we have to cancel due to the cold fronts that will be starting soon we will be able to call and let you know or warn you of the adverse weather.


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