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Beyond Braid

Beyond Braid was born out of the desire to create a better braided fishing line for every angler. Period. Whether you fish for bass in your backyard in Ohio, or tournament fish for Marlin in Costa Rica, our goal is to provide you with a braided fishing line that will succeed for every application. This  company was started to give the everyday fisherman access to a high quality braided fishing line at a very fair price while providing a high quality product for the most seasoned captains and tournament anglers.


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Not only does Beyond Braid perform better than others on the market, but we are also willing to bet it looks better to the eye as well. Our Camo Braided Line series is a high-performance braid that will not only catch you more fish but also not break the bank. With the most competitive pricing in the industry, our team prides itself on producing a far superior product for a fraction of the price. Our current colors include: Blue Camo, Moss Camo, Pink Camo, Patriot Edition Camo, Green 8X, and White 8X Strand lines.

Beyond braid not only casts further and lasts longer, but it is also a smoother and rounder braided line. Performance will always be our number 1 priority, but we also believe your braid should look appealing and unique. 

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