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Big Game Leash introduces its new Retractable Gear Leash and Rod Holder Bracket

Pensacola, FL – August 9, 2021 – “Fish On!” The cockpit of a big game fishing boat can go from calm to mayhem in seconds. The smartest crews know the importance of leashes when the tournament-winning fish strikes.

The new Big Game Leash retractable gear leash is designed to always be at the ready and to keep your deck tidy. Constructed of 316L stainless steel to withstand the harsh marine environment, these patented leashes are the first to combine gear protection and safety with a flush mounted installation. BGL’s design uses a retractable cartridge containing 9 feet of 740 lb. webbing mounted directly to the rod holder or gunnel structure.   

“Our BGL leashes are always in place, ready to use,” said CEO Ted Gorder. “Rope and pig tail leashes often stay stashed in the bilge in a tangled mess.  If they do get used, they can get in the way during the fight.” 

Because the BGLs instantly retract, clearing the cockpit has never been quicker.  Captains can opt for running the leash up through the gunnel using a flush-mounted SS receiver or the leash can wrap around the coaming board/pad. Every boat is different and BGL has a mounting option to suit any situation. Several tournament captains have also installed BGLs to the fighting chair using the rod holder bracket. 

Captains can buy directly from the company website or through Boat Outfitters  In addition, BGL is interested in talking to dealers to establish a network that includes online and physical stores. In June, BGL partnered with CED Marine to supply outfitters and CED’s retail clients.

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