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Blacknose Shark

Description: The blacknose shark is a requiem shark of the family Carcharhinidae, found in subtropical waters of the western Atlantic Ocean between latitudes 40° N and 37° S, from the surface to about 10 m. Its length is up to about 2 m.

The blacknose shark is found on continental and insular shelves, mainly over sandy, shell, and coral bottoms. It feeds on small fishes, including pinfish (Sparidae) and porcupine fish, and is preyed upon by larger sharks. It is viviparous (with a yolk-sac placenta), with 3 to 6 young per litter. It performs a ‘hunch’ display, with back arched, caudal lowered and head raised, as a possible threat display when confronted by divers. Its flesh is utilized dried salted for human consumption.