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Boat Previews: Invincible Boats 46’ Catamaran

After decades of monohull dominance within the commercial and recreational sport fishing industries, catamarans are here to stay. As an avid angler and boater, you’d have to be living under a rock if you’ve failed to notice the meteoric rise in popularity of twin-hull fishing center consoles, and it can be argued that nobody does it better than Invincible.

This Florida-based manufacturer has been a mainstay in the center console market for a long time, as they still offer some of the best monohull open fisherman hulls on the market. However, the incredible expansion of Invincible’s already impressive lineup shows the brand’s dedication to innovation and advancement.

After Invincible’s 40-foot cat turned heads just a few years ago, it’s safe to say to 46-footer takes things a step further and simply drops jaws. While the center console market has brought forward a few massive models, some over 50 feet in length, Invincible’s 46’ Catamaran provides a unique blend of fishability and performance under power.

The argument between catamarans and monohulls is one that will likely never be resolved, as much of the decision between the two for prospective buyers comes down to personal preference. However, catamarans, particularly those from manufacturers of this caliber, offer certain undeniable advantages. One of them is stability, and there’s no better example of a stable ride than this 46’ Catamaran.

Invincible places incredibly high standards on every vessel off the line, but the 46-footer has undergone particularly rigorous testing to ensure the perfect blend of open-layout fishability, safe and reliable performance, speed, efficiency, hole shot and much more. If you’re serious about offshore fishing in a variety of venues around the world, this is the vessel for you.


Along with plenty of storage and range for multi-day trips, this craft’s incredible offshore angling capabilities are second to none. Along with a layout that maximizes open space with 360 degrees of fishability, the 46’ Catamaran offers tons of customizable rod holder arrangements and more livewell space than you’ll know what to do with.

Additionally, as the largest member of Invincible’s extensive fleet, the 46-foot cat offers plenty of room for prospective buyers to add seating, loungers and various other comfort features without sacrificing fishability. The massive cockpit and bow area allow multiple anglers to simultaneously fish comfortably, while the helm features a full electronics suite, seating and much more. Add to this the massive console that features an array of comfortable accommodations, and the result is one of the most versatile fishing boats in the world.   


L.O.A.: 45’11”

Beam: 12′

Draft: 24″

Fuel Capacity: 1,000 gal.

Weight: 20,000 lbs.

Max HP: 1800