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Boat Previews: SeaVee Boats 270z

There was once a day when the term “bay boat” referred to a vessel that was larger than a flats skiff but smaller than an offshore center console, and it was designed specifically for fishing in shallow water. Today, the bay boat designation means something entirely different, as these vessels are now capable of so much more.

Perhaps the most impressive example of this expanded repertoire among bay boats is SeaVee’s venerable 270z. An avid angler is aware of SeaVee’s quality and dedication to producing high-performance fishing vessels, but much of the manufacturer’s recognition has come in the offshore arena. However, the 270z should not be overlooked by boat buyers looking for a versatile craft that knows no bounds.

From fishing the backcountry one day to deep dropping miles offshore the next, the options are seemingly endless. SeaVee achieves such a versatile platform by taking the best of both worlds and combining it into one craft.

The 270z features a cross-ventilated, twin-stepped, patent-pending hull. As a result, the vessel takes after the offshore boats in that the hull produces incredible speed, efficiency and handling. And, speaking of speed, the 270z boasts a max horsepower rating of 450, giving prospective buyers the choice of a single powerful outboard or twin outboard configuration.

To yield such a smooth ride, the hull includes multiple lifting bodies and unique geometry, resulting in a fixed running trim angle and ensuring an ideal angle of attack, even in sub-optimal sea conditions. Passengers are ultimately treated to a soft, dry ride while operators enjoy predictable handling.

One of the benefits of buying a SeaVee is the customizability offered during the build process. This is no different with the 270z, as prospective buyers are looped into every decision from outboard power to fishing features. Among the areas of interest is the helm, where multiple arrangements can be made to appeal to a range of demanding boaters. Single or dual multi-functional displays from a range of leading manufacturers can be included, while switches, throttles, the VHF radio and more are all logically placed on the dash within easy reach. Furthermore, for those who want added sight fishing benefits, a second station can be included with easy access from the helm. To top it all off, a windshield made of tempered glass protects helmsmen from the elements.

Standard features include a 24-gallon forward livewell, 30-gallon aft transom livewell, 75-gallon forward fishboxes port and starboard, and so much more. Another incredible advantage on this boat is the seemingly endless storage. Beneath the spacious bow casting platform, passengers are able to securely store a variety of goods.   


L.O.A.: 27′

Beam: 9’1″

Draft: 15″

Fuel Capacity: 116 gal.

Weight: 3,500 lbs.

Max HP: 450