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Bonefish Backcountry 18

Sight fishing enthusiasts in the market for shallow drafting skiffs have plenty of options to choose from, as there’s no shortage of high-quality skiff manufacturers. However, the unique design of the Bonefish Backcountry 18 air‑entrapment tunnel hull is what separates this high-performance craft from the rest of the pack. From the surface the Backcounty 18 doesn’t look like your typical V-bottom flats skiff, but don’t let her looks fool you.


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Bonefish Backcountry 18

Offering an extremely dry ride through a crisp chop while still capable of running and floating in super shallow water, the unique tunnel hull design offers unbelievable performance attributes. Opposed to V-bottom skiffs, the design of the tunnel hull traps a pocket of air and the skiff jumps on plane in seconds and maneuvers on a dime—essential attributes for high-performance flats skiffs. Getting shallow and running shallow is what it’s all about. With an 8-foot beam it’s extremely stable when walking around the deck while still boasting superior comfort and stability when cruising at speed.

While the huge beam provides incredible fishability, it also offers plenty of storage space for essential tackle and gear. The option of twin 30-gallon livewells provides plenty of space for live bait or tournament winning redfish, with pop-up cleats and flush mount hardware enticing those more interested in tossing a fly.

The Backcountry 18 comes loaded with a long list of standard features, but the best part is that each boat is custom built to meet the specifications, wants and desires of the customer. Available options include a poling platform, fold-down tackle center, console tower, hydraulic jack plate, low-water pickup, Power Pole, welded aluminum trailer, 12V accessory sockets, on-board battery charger, and underwater lights just to name a few.

The long list of available options will appease even the most discerning angler, while the hull’s construction and lamination techniques are equally enticing. With a functional design and effective layout the end result is incredible fishability. If you’re in the market for a flats skiff that can carry more than two people with comfort, check out the Backcountry 18. Designed by fishermen for fishermen, with the creature comforts any weekend or family angler would love to have. Bonefish Boatworks, 727.243.6767,


L.O.A 18′
Beam 8′
Draft 6–8″
Weight 1,000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 32 gal.
Max HP 150
Model shown with optional features