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Fishbuster Charters’ Captain Dave Hanson reported,”Saturday, 7/5, a rainy pattern began, which persisted through Monday, 7/7. I remained in port.


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Angler Paul McConnell with a 26-inch red grouper, caught on a pinfish 28 miles west of New Pass on a recent offshore Fishbuster Charter. Photo: Fishbuster Charters, Inc.

Tuesday morning, 7/8, I fished in spots ranging 10 to 18 miles offshore with Bob O’Hara and his grandson, Kevin. The pair wrestled and released a 75-pound goliath grouper, which bit on a grunt. We got a couple of pics of that battle. We switched to live shrimp to lure some food-fish, and the guys boxed three keeper mangrove snapper to 14 inches, three keeper whitebone porgies all about 14 inches, and seven lane snapper to 11 inches. They released fifteen short porgies and twenty lane snapper shorts.

Bill Jones and daughters Krista and Kelsey fished ten miles west of New Pass with me on Thursday morning, 7/10. The trio used live shrimp to catch twenty-five lane snapper, fifteen of which were keepers to 17 inches. They added a few grunts to the box, and they released lots of red grouper shorts to 19 ½ inches, a couple of short gag grouper, and a 35-inch sandbar shark.

My scheduled trip for Friday had an emergency back home, and had to leave Florida a day earlier than expected, so I was off the water Friday. Saturday morning, Drs. Meir and Rie Daller, young sons Julian and Brenden, and family friend, Mr. Long, fished offshore with me in spots between 12 and 17 miles west of New Pass. The group caught a nice 17-inch hogfish and a keeper gag grouper at 23 inches. They added to the fish box eight mangrove snapper keepers that all measured about 15 inches and four keeper lane snapper to 14 ½ inches. They threw in a few 12-inch grunts and a couple of 14-inch whitebone porgies. They released ten extra porgies, along with some lane snapper shorts and some red grouper shorts to 19 ½ inches. Everything bit on shrimp, except for the keeper gag grouper, which bit a pinfish. Seas were a little sloppy heading out, but calmer coming in, after the wind shifted. As is typical these days, we just beat the beginnings of afternoon thunderstorms, returning to the dock as the first claps of thunder could be heard in the distance.”

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