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Intense weekend of fishing! Here on our coast, we have a point 55 miles off the coast where there are no less than 20 oil platforms in the same area. Region of much marine life, marlin, wahoo, jack and many other species swimming around, but the star of the place are the black and Yellon finn finn tuna at the millions who are over there!


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Our fishing trips in the region are always performed at night time that tuna are very active! Without mercy attacking our jigs. On this trip we were I … All very experienced fishermen.

By nightfall the party started, 2, 3, 4 fish hooked up at the same time! Medium sized fish between 5 and 15 pounds have been hooked up at the end of the night, more than 80 fish hooked up and back home with all very tired and happy!

Capt. Fernando Oliveira
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