Broadband Radar


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Simrad, a leader in the design and manufacture of world-class marine navigation, safety, communications and fish finding systems, announces the world’s first recreational marine Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radome. The BR24 represents the next generation of radar safety, affordability and ease of use. Combining straightforward installation, flexible antenna placement options and low power draw, Broadband Radar is the ultimate vessel navigation and collision avoidance accessory. The BR24 brings boaters a host of important performance and safety benefits, including superior definition and target separation in close quarters. With range resolution to less than three meters, the BR24 eliminates close-in vessel blind spot resulting in crystal clear, highly detailed intuitive views of surroundings to a 1/32 nautical mile range scale. The new radome transmits at 1/20,000 the power of traditional radar (less than 1/10 the energy of a cell phone) and emits no harmful radiation outside the dome, allowing for flexible installation. Other innovative features include, advanced clutter rejection which virtually eliminates tuning; rapid cold start and InstantOn™ from standby which eliminates time-wasting warm-up; and an incredibly low power consumption (30 to 50-percent more efficient) when compared with traditional pulse radomes. Simrad, 800.324.1356,