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Aquatic AV

With a background in developing specialized AV products for the spa industry, Aquatic AV continues to focus on producing high-quality products designed to operate in even the harshest marine environments. An innovator in the marine market, Aquatic AV’s reliable and shock resistant waterproof entertainment systems solve the problems associated with excessive heat, harsh chemicals, sunlight, and moisture. The top-of-the-line AQ-IP-3B is a digital media center that features a patented iPod dock that offers full navigation of all menus. This powerful source unit meets IP66 rating, and insures protection against water, dust, salt, fog and UV rays. In addition, the conformal-coated circuit boards have silicon added in critical areas to provide additional moisture protection. The 200 watt amplifier delivers power to spare and, unlike typical source units that can oxidize, the AQ-IP-3B has a stainless steel chassis to eliminate corrosion. Aquatic AV, 877.579.2782,