Can You Hear Me Now?


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Photo: M36

In 2006, Icom America introduced the M34 – the world’s first floating handheld marine radio. Now Icom is proud to launch the M36. Not a M34 replacement, the M36 is the next step in Icom’s lineup of military rugged marine handhelds. The M36 comes with a great new feature that boaters will love – Clear Audio Boost. What is Clear Audio Boost? Imagine a radio that’s smart enough to adjust its own volume level to account for background noise. The M36 does just that! It measures the ambient sound pressure level so that you won’t miss communications during a sudden burst of noise. It’s very similar to the auto-adjusting volume level feature found on radios in cars, but the M36 automatically adjusts the transmit level as well. Your conversation is sent and received as clearly as possible no matter how noisy the background is. For manual override, a LOUD button can be activated with just one push, giving you immediate full volume. The M36 uses a powerful yet lightweight Lithium-Ion battery, and boaters can expect a full eight hours of typical use on a single charge. Transmit power is a whopping six watts – that’s a full watt higher than the M34. To extend operating time the power level can be dropped down to one watt when needed. Icom America, 800.872.4266,