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Over the years, we’ve seen everything there is to see and learned everything there is to learn about tackle storage and management systems. Hard plastic tackle boxes with multiple drawers and trays, soft-sided tackle bags and satchels, waterproof binders and more highlight the numerous storage options available, but the focus of this article is all about hard plastic.


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I don’t care how you store or transport items, but I simply can’t find an easier and more convenient way to manage and move my tackle and gear. Watertight containers are the perfect solution for organizing, storing and carrying just about anything and everything, and due to their transparent nature it is easy to find what you’re looking for when you need it the most. This is important because out on the water when Big Mo makes an unexpected appearance, an extra few seconds fumbling around for the right lure can cost you the shot.

For the largest gear, like canvas enclosures and extra life vests, Plano’s new line of Marine Trunks allow you to conveniently store and transport all of your bulky equipment and gear whether you’re on land or sea.

Plastic tackle trays are a simple but super solution that anglers have been using for decades. But it wasn’t until the introduction of the latest generation of O-ring sealed waterproof containers that I’ve really started to capitalize on the versatility and benefits of these essential storage solutions.

While the basic trays that we’ve been using for decades get the job done—you know the ones—they are brittle and barely provide any level of corrosion resistance. Anglers only continue to utilize them because of their price point, but end up paying more in the long run with corroded terminal gear and destroyed tackle.

For someone who has seen just about every container out there and has owned most of them, my new favorites include Flambeau’s Ultimate Tuff ‘Tainer Series. The Ultimate Tuff ‘Tainer is as its name implies…ULTIMATE. Not only is this versatile box waterproof, but it’s also rustproof with the addition of Flambeau’s Zerust—a patented, plastic polymer that emits a harmless vapor. Don’t ask me exactly how it works, but the vapor forms a protective coating around metal surfaces so you don’t have to worry about opening your tackle box to find rusty hooks or corroded snap swivels. Sporting a watertight O-ring seal, secure locking latches and a rigid design, Ultimate Tuff ‘Tainers are also ideal for storing water sensitive gear. Available in eight sizes and variations with or without the inclusion of dividers, this might be the last utility box you ever buy!

Another excellent option from the other leader in the industry is the Plano Waterproof Stowaway Tackle & Accessory Case. Featuring a Dri-Loc O-ring seal and three cam action latches, the latest and greatest from this trusted brand in tackle storage are perfect for storing and transporting lures, jigs, plugs, various terminal components and more.

Plano also offers multiple sizes of transparent polycarbonate waterproof cases with a rubber lining that protect valuables like electronic devices, wallets, important documents and more. With the same O-ring design and reliable latches, polycarbonate cases are the best of the best.

For larger gear and heavier loads, Plano’s Dry Storage boxes are also water-resistant and feature an O-ring seal. A deep, removable tray and top access storage provides plenty of room for all your bigger gear and the various accessories that go along with it. I dedicate one for each specific fishery, and have special purpose boxes for swordfish, sailfish and deep drop duties. I also store sensitive power-assist reels and sash weights in the boxes and of course, I have two or three aboard both my SeaVee and skiff loaded with safety equipment, tools, filters, loose quarts of oil and more.

For the largest gear, like canvas enclosures and extra life vests, Plano’s new line of Marine Trunks allow you to conveniently store and transport all of your bulky equipment and gear whether you’re on land or sea. Featuring high-impact plastic reinforced lids and heavy-duty latches, Plano’s Marine Trunks protect your valuables and can be easily stored on deck or down below. Available in three sizes, the trunks are stackable and feature padlock tabs and tie-down brackets on each end for added security.

If it sounds like I’m trying to convince you to run out and dump a few dollars on an array of new storage containers for all your trinkets, I am! I’ve always been a firm believer that organization is key to success in anything and everything you do in life—on and off the water.

Tackle Tray Crate

How did Plano take a great concept and make it even better? They created a tackle tray crate! Now anglers can keep four tackle boxes secured together for easy access. With Florida’s varied habitats providing action with a variety of species, anglers must keep assorted tackle organized so they can spend less time digging around and more time fishing.