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Changing Boating Forever – Within 5 Years All Recreational Boats Will Have Suspension Seating

Sidney, Canada– Could you imagine a world without suspension in your car? When the first Model T’s rolled off the line in the early 1900s, it was about getting from A to B rather than making it an enjoyable ride. But as cars became the transportation norm, drivers and passengers encountered a problem: the rigid design was taking a toll on their bodies, as the cars bumped and bounced into everyday life. 


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Today, suspension in cars is commonplace and technology has advanced incredibly. Having a safe and comfortable ride is the expectation and suspension has evolved from cars to bikes to industrial automobiles.

In today’s boating world we are back in the early 1900s with suspension seating not being the standard. People who boat, fish or are transported on water are continually confronted with the sad situation of a hard, unsafe and rigid ride. SHOCKWAVE is helping redefine that paradigm in the recreational boating market.

SHOCKWAVE has worked tirelessly testing and building suspension seating for the premier marine vessels on earth. They have developed a new system that will bring the same technology to the recreational boater: a simple, Canadian designed and manufactured suspension unit that can be installed in virtually any boat.

The SHOCKWAVE S5 provides boaters access to marine suspension technology that has been tested for years with military clients, providing them with on-the-water opportunities and experiences like they never had before.

It is an inexpensive suspension unit that allows boaters to feel better and travel farther, all with diminished fear of injury. It brings marine suspension to the masses.

“It’s crazy to me how many people don’t have suspension seating on their boats,” says Founder David Smith. “They’re one hit away from serious injury.”

The SHOCKWAVE S5 is on the market and growing in popularity throughout North America and internationally.

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