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Deltran Battery Tender

Haven’t used your boat in a while? Tired of sitting at the dock due to a drained battery? Deltran Battery Tender assures the highest quality, fast-charging convenience and performance of any battery charger on the market. Utilizing Deltran Battery Tender BTP Microprocessor Technology and quick-connect convenience, you can avoid the potentially damaging effects caused by most trickle chargers. Deltran Battery Tender’s Modular Marine Battery Charger automatically maintains the batteries in your vessel. Designed to charge all types of marine batteries including AGM, flooded lead-acid, and sealed lead-acid, all you have to do is set it and forget it! The multi-step constant current fully charges your marine batteries then automatically drop to a Maintenance/Float mode, eliminating the need to disconnect the charger. The bulkhead mounted plug-in-play bracket makes for an easy and quick install. Deltran Battery Tender, 386.736.7900,