Charting With Google Earth Just Got Easier


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EarthNC Plus

EarthNC is the leading provider of charts and services optimized for Google Earth and Google Maps. Recently released, the upgraded version of the EarthNC Plus product line will please even the most discriminating users. Besides the inclusion of official navigation data, EarthNC Plus charts provide value-added nautical data including marine weather forecasts, tides, marinas, ramp locations and user-generated point-of-interest layers. Designed for use on and off the water, EarthNC Plus takes advantage of Google Earth’s caching to make the charts viewable when no internet connection is available. The vector chart set for the United States is only $49.94 and the raster charts for each region (NE, SE, West & Great Lakes) are only $34.00. EarthNC is committed to providing the highest quality of support to its customers and their team of dedicated professionals has years of experience working with spatial mapping and the integration of static and dynamic data systems within the Google Earth Framework. EarthNC, 877.846.0986,