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Cheeky’s New Reels

Arlington, MA – Cheeky Fishing is excited to announce the debut of 11 all-new reel models, including two lines of spinning reels. All 11 models are now available to dealers and fishermen around the globe.


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The launch of Cheeky’s new spinning reels marks the completion of a 24-month design, development and manufacturing process aimed at delivering performance spinning reels to progressive fishermen pushing the limits of the sport. The new spinning reels will cover the gamut, with three sizes of FLOTR Reels ($69 MSRP) designed for the freshwater angler and three sizes of CYDRO Reels ($69 MSRP) for those chasing species in the salt.

Cheeky is also debuting two new lines of fly fishing reels, the Tyro Series and the Cheeky Spey Series. Comprised of three models, the Tyro Series offers a unique combination of performance and value to anglers entering the sport while the Cheeky Spey Series, comprised of two models, is a high performance, fully sealed line of reels designed and developed specifically for Spey.

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