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Clear2sea Products Block 98 Percent of UV Light

Boaters on heart medications and antibiotics affected by UV light and forced to stop boating because of health concerns now have an option.


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We should all be concerned!

UVA is the most prevalent UV light. It’s present during all daylight hours, penetrates clouds, plays a major role in skin aging/wrinkling and causes mutations that can lead to melanoma. It also increases UVB’s cancer-causing effects. Additionally, UVA is possibly the most harmful to the eyes, causing chronic damage, especially from low-dose exposure over a long period of time.

The crystalline lens within the eye absorbs these rays and can be linked to the formation of cataracts, which will affect 70 percent of the population by the age of 70.  Studies have also shown that macular degeneration has a significant link to UV exposure even though only a small amount of UV actually reaches the eye’s retina.

Sadly children are considered to be at most risk, sustaining around 80 percent of their cumulative UV damage by the age of 18. Children tend to have larger pupils and a clearer crystalline lens, resulting in a significant amount of UV light reaching the retina.

Jeff Smith, inventor of the first rigid enclosure (EZ2CY®), is excited to announce his patent-pending cool2sea™ and clear2seauv™ 98 percent UV-blocking acrylics. Smith says his new acrylics block significantly more UVA that his previous product. Smith also stated that in addition to UV, his cool2sea™keeps you almost 10  degrees cooler than other enclosures by blocking 23 percent of infra-red heat while also cutting sun glare and enhancing night vision.”

How do all of these advantages affect price? Smith says that since each enclosure is custom-made, a blanket statement is not possible. However, his new fabricating process is more efficient than his previous method, making cool2sea  and clear2sea more competitively priced, cleaner-looking enclosures that provide great visibility.

So how can you get these enclosures? A fraternity of fabricators has been assembled to pattern, fabricate and install enclosures made with cool2sea™ and clear2seauv™ acrylic. This growing fraternity has quickly become the largest coalition of marine canvas shops in the world, dedicated to fabricating the finest rigid enclosure in history.

The boating consumer now has the unprecedented opportunity to experience the freedom of dealing with a cohesive group of shops, affording peace of mind not only for the purchase of a rigid enclosure but all products offered by fraternity members. A list of fraternity members can be found at .

Boat Owner Reaction: Brenda Young in Charleston, SC: “I could take my sunglasses off and look through my new enclosure and my eyes were very comfortable and soothed. What a treat!”

Captain Joe Riley of “Muff Diver” Charters in Ocean City, MD: “It is easy on the eyes, it keeps me cooler and it is great at night.”

Kerry, owner of a 48’ Sea Ray: “Overall I’m amazed how well they fit and how much better the a.c. system can cool the bridge with these panels.  I’m sitting comfortably on the bridge right now, in fact.”

Jim Gianforte with 48’ Viking “Gemstone”: “Much cooler than on my previous boat. In addition, eyes are comfortable even without sunglasses. A doctor on board commented on this aspect and added that many medications and conditions would be helped by this enclosure.”

More information about cool2sea™ and clear2seauv™ enclosures is available at

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